Green Screen Studio Rental Factors in Indianapolis

When it comes to renting green screen time, there are quite a few things to consider…

First and foremost, where is the green screen? Is it convenient for your clients to get to, is it in a safe area? I’ve seen studios pop up all over the city. From dual space wear houses to the home basement of a producers homes, nothing surprises me anymore.

Next, who is operating the studio? Are they reputable, reliable, experienced? Many times businesses see a service needed and try to provide it. In reality they have no experience or talent in place to adequately provide the service. green screen production “says easy, does hard.” When shooting video, especially on a green screen, the crew has to know what they’re doing. A lot can go wrong on a seemingly simple shoot.

Another pitfall of a green screen shoot is lighting. If there is not an experienced gaffer on set, the look of your video will suffer and your editor will as well. Keying a poorly lit green screen shot can be a maddening process if the lighting and camera settings are incorrect. If it’s done properly on the other hand, it’s a piece of cake.

How about the audio? Some “studios” aren’t exactly studios. Setting up a green screen cloth in a back room isn’t a studio. You need a sound proof environment and high end audio equipment to truly get the professional look and sound I know you want.

Finally, what is the cost? Business is business and we all want to know the bottom line. Depending on the complexity of your shoot, the number of actors, the length of the shoot the cost can really vary. I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “You get what you pay for.” Well, this is doubly the case in the studio production world. When you consider all that goes into a legitimate shoot, you quickly realize that there are a lot of moving parts. The director, videographer, gaffer, audio technician, grip…and the list goes on.

At FME Studios we offer a professional sound stage environment equipped with industry standard gear. We have experienced producers and technicians on staff that will not allow you to leave with an inferior product. We pride ourselves on providing high end video to our clients, but also an outstanding client experience. If you are serious about filming on a green screen or in a studio environment, look no further than FME Studios in Indianapolis.


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    Hi my name is darryl.and I was wandering what is the base price for a music video.a rough estimate.